Caring for your bandage dress

Our bandage dresses ae the ideal wardrobe staple. The form fitting material really makes your figure look amazing, so caring for the dress is of utmost importance. You do not want the dress to shrink or stretch when washed and dried, you need it to retain its perfect blend of elasticity that will keep your figure looking shapely each and every time you wear it.

When you buy a designer label bandage dress you expect a certain amount of quality from your dress, and we aim to offer this with our dresses too. You can help your dress to retain that quality by following these few simple tips.


  • Use a good quality hanger to help retain the shape in the shoulder and sleeve area. Using a wire hanger is not the best idea, unless it has a grip cover to stop the dress from sliding off when hanging in a wardrobe. Never hang your dress by slotting it through the bar on a trouser hanger. If you are hanging your dress then ensure there is plenty of space on either side of the garment to reduce the risk of creasing.
  • Do not use sharp folds when storing your dress, or crumple it up. It is perhaps best not to store it in a drawer, but if this is your only option then lay it completely flat in a large drawer. You can lay other bandage dresses on top, but avoid laying clothes made from other materials on top to reduce risk of creasing.
  • Do not force your dress into a storage place as this will cause creases. Never store your dress in plastic boxes as this can, over time, cause your dress to develop a smell.


  • Dry cleaning is optional. Most dry cleaners are able to deal with the delicate fabric but if you are concerned then ensure you only use a reputable dry cleaners, particularly if your bandage dress has any embellishments such as sequins or beading.
  • Cleaning your bandage dress at home is also possible but you will have to be extremely careful. It is possible to machine wash your dress, but only on a cold (or very cool) wash, and on the gentlest cycle your machine has.
  • If you prefer to hand wash your dress you need to be very careful. You can wash it in cold water in the bath tub, but you must never squeeze or wring the dress. Use a small amount of gentle detergent and just submerge the dress several times. Rinse in cold water using the same method.
  • To dry the bandage dress after home washing, lay it flat on a clothes airer. Do not hang the dress while wet as this causes tension on the fabric and can cause it to stretch out of shape, or even shrink.
  • You can iron your dress on a low heat setting while the dress is still slightly damp. Alternatively, you can use a damp cloth between the iron and the dress to avoid contact between the two if the dress is dry.
  • You may just need to do a spot clean on your dress in the case of light soiling. This is really easy to do by simply dampening the soiled area with cold water and rubbing in a small amount of mild detergent such as hand soap. Dampen the area again with cold water to rinse off any excess soap residue. Pat the area dry, ay it flat and iron the area (if necessary) while still damp.

Prolonging the life of your bandage dress

It is actually recommended that you do not wash your dress too often. The material the dress is made from is very weak when wet, which means it is at high risk of damage when washed. The dress is designed to be worn several times before it needs to be washed, but when it does require freshening up, remember to use only cold water, mild detergent and do not wring, stretch, or fold the fabric when damp. If you are unsure of doing this then use a dry cleaner. This way you will increase the lifespan of your dress, and you will be looking fabulous in it for longer.

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